In Ypenburg you will find Carwash Haaglanden. Not only do they have an advanced car wash with the latest gadgets, they also have 5 modern indoor washing boxes that are open day and night. If you don’t have the time to thoroughly clean your car inside and out? They have a team of skilled people who clean your car with the utmost care. We have developed a website and designed banners that match the appearance and service of Carwash Haaglanden.


The main wish of Carwash Haaglanden was that it should be immediately visible on the website which services they offer. In addition, we have clearly reflected the corporate identity elements on the website so that they are recognized in the car wash. It is made easy for visitors to the website to make reservations in addition to the services or to contact them if they have any questions.

Content creation

To distinguish Carwash Haaglanden as a car wash, we create customized content. Our team of talented content creators and creative marketers bring creative concepts to life through photography, video and visual design. Our photographer takes care of the full post-processing of the photos, including high-end retouching so that they can be used directly on social media or on the website.

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