Outsource Online Marketing

Online marketing is carried out by every company in its own way. Sometimes this happens by doing it yourself, through interns, sometimes it doesn’t happen, but it may also be that you prefer to outsource it.

This is not surprising at all since there are many tools and techniques that an online marketer must master. Rapid digital development also demands rapid skills development.

Do you already make optimal use of all online tools or do you already have all the knowledge in-house? Don’t worry, it’s not surprising if this isn’t the case yet, because online marketing is a profession in its own right. Many people who are in the same situation therefore often think of outsourcing Marketing.

We see your website as the core, the central point to which we want to lead your potential customers. They will be able to find everything about your product and/or service here so that a potential customer can become a customer.

Before a potential customer can just become a customer online, it is important to get the most out of your website by:

Your website must look good, with UX design, a correct technical structure and an optimal SEO setup. All this so that your Online Customer Journey is optimal. This is not only nice for the potential customer, but also for the findability and readability of your website.

If you want to make optimal use of online marketing, your website will have to be tactically designed from head to toe, from front to background. Think of a beautiful design that includes the right customer journey, SEO optimized texts, technically constructed in the right web environment to deliver optimal quality.

This starts with a graphic designer and a marketing specialist who together create a beautiful design that responds to the needs and wants of the customers so that they can use your website as effectively as possible. After that, a seasoned web developer will set up and code the website digitally and online. Together with an SEO specialist who fills in all texts and snippets as effectively as possible so that your website will rank as high as possible in Google.

What many companies forget is that their social media must respond to this, which also has an effect on the SEO results of your website. Our marketer will also prepare all this for you, provide a beautiful feed and create the best campaigns so that you can immediately delight your customers.

Do you already have a site, but it doesn’t attract enough new customers or visitors as hoped?

Then you are faced with the choice, should we optimize the current site or is it necessary to completely renew it.

Before making this choice, the following points must be considered:

Is the SEO, findability, optimal of the website?
Are there technical defects or backlogs on the website?
Is the website visually appealing and does the promotion follow an efficient customer journey?

With the right analysis you know exactly where you stand! Sometimes your site just needs an update, but sometimes it may be better for your site and goals to build a completely new site!

Driving traffic to your website is all about different ways:

SEO, this ensures that you are found in google
SEA (search engine advertisement) this ensures that via e.g. Google Ads puts you at the top of Google.
social media; strengthens SEO & SEA but also helps to target your target group and refer them to your website.
Pixel, ensures that retargeting can be done via Social channels, gives your potential customers that push they need.

To do this as efficiently and strategically as possible, a marketing strategy is needed! The more personal the better here, so please contact us for advice via our contact page

A beautiful website that is accompanied by an online marketing strategy will ensure that your organization will receive a brand awareness boost. This will also ensure organic reach offline (not paid reach).

You create this brand awareness by thinking of information and current news about your company. Now many companies think that a social media post is made this way. However, it is important to make a good message and to work it out with the right care. The online marketing strategy will have to be completely in line with what you have in mind and also with how you profile yourself online.

This ensures recognizable branding, which can be done through photos, videos, animation or art-graphic design. This together with a catchy caption that provides a CTA (call-to-action) and you have your first strategic message on your social media channel.

However, you are not there yet. Social media is central! It is therefore extremely important to respond to comments, likes and/or messages within a certain time frame.

This creates trust and a high level of interest in your service or product.

In addition to posting messages on your channels, you also want them to reach your target group, potential customers! Unfortunately, with organic reach alone, this won’t happen as quickly as you’d hope. However, these potential customers can be reached through paid campaigns. These can all be set up in different ways, for different types of segments and also through different channels.

It is possible that new channels have become popular for certain target groups, such as SnapChat or TikTok.

That is why it is good to see where your product or service comes into its own and will generate the most reach.

It is therefore very important that the target group that we are going to target with the campaign is crystal clear. It is important that when you set up your ads correctly, for the right target group, they also keep the right statistics during the campaign in order to send them in a timely manner.

When an external party does this for you, it will pay for itself not only by generating new traffic to your website, but also by collecting data with the various campaigns that are running. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us right away: